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Dr. Kimmey at the Humane SocietyWe did it! The veterinarians and staff here at Lincolnway Animal Hospital are so proud of our community, family, friends and team! 

Because of your generous donations of time and water, we just loaded a 16 foot box truck to the brim with water for pets in the Flint, Michigan area. As many of you know, Flint experienced a severe water crisis after it was discovered that their water was contaminated with lead.

Dr. Kimmey drove over four and a half hours to Flint with 2000 gallons of fresh water. We worked in conjunction with Genessee County Humane Society and Luck Day Animal Rescue to bring fresh water to the pets of the area!

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we come together and thus we thank everyone who supported our efforts by donating, collecting or even sharing our mission; especially our sister hospitals Animal Clinic at New Lenox, Glenwood Village Pet Hospital and Illiana Veterinary Hospital; also Lauren Rice from Merial (HeartGard) for donating the truck rental! Finally, sending a big thank you to our Chief of Staff Dr. Duane Kimmey for donating his time to drive the truck to Flint! 

Take a look at photos of our success!